Hypnosis Denver – Ten Dumb Ways To Quit Smoking

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Hypnosis Denver – Why is it hard to quit?

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Denver

One of the reasons that it is so hard for smokers to quit smoking is they try methods that just don’t work. 

Here are ten dumb methods that smokers have tried using to quit smoking…

1. Get hired where you can’t smoke: Some workplaces have a strict no-smoking policy, so get hired and quit or get fired.

2. Go camping: Explore the great outdoors for a few days with your cigarettes purposefully left at home.

3. Hang out where smoking isn’t allowed: Go to churches, theaters, libraries, and museums.

4. Sleep when your cravings are the worst: During bad withdrawl hours, just take a nap.

5. Chew Milkbones: One woman killed cravings by chewing on Milkbone dog biscuits.

6. Light something else: If you have to light up, do it to a candle or incense.

7. Play the lottery: Instead of spending money on cigarettes, allow yourself to play the occasional lottery ticket without guilt.

8. Be more comfortable: If you smoke to feel more comfortable socially, try counseling, public speaking classes, or a makeover.

9. Bury your cigarettes: Wrap your packs in a plastic bag and bury it in the backyard so you’ll have to dig them up each time you want a smoke. I’ve had clients tell me that they’ve gone so far as to wrap their cigarettes in Duct Tape and hide them in with their spare  tire in the trunk of their car. Needless to say that didn’t work.

10. Visit lung cancer victims: Go to the hospital and sit down with patients who have smoke-induced lung cancer, and see what they have to say about smoking.


The reason that these are dumb methods of quitting smoking is that they don’t address the root cause of your smoking habit. Each smoker has a different root cause or reason why they smoke. This is why I offer a free screening before I take you as a client. Because I want make sure that I understand “why” you smoke and who to address your specific smoking habit. I will then tailor your hypnosis session around the root cause of your smoking habit. 

Let me give you an example… some smokers smoke due to stress. So, if you tried number 8 and number 10, those methods would probably increase your smoking instead of helping you quit. Public speaking is rated the number one most stressful situation and death is number two!

If you are ready to use a proven method that works, give me a call and set up your FREE Stop Smoking Screening and discover your root cause of smoking. 

Hypnosis Denver –  You Know Quitting By Yourself Does Not Work, Don’t You? 

Isn’t it time to get the support you need?

Turning Point Hypnosis Denver makes it easy for you. All you have to do is pick up the phone, make an appointment for your FREE stop smoking screening and keep that appointment. From that moment on your smoking problem is solved.

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