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Hypnosis Denver – Are E-Cigarettes Safe To Use?

Written by  on January 28th, 2011.

Electronic Cigarette History

The electronic cigarette was devised in 2003 by a Chinese druggist named Hon Lik. It was introduced into the Chinese market in 2004. It began to be marketed abroad from 2005 by Golden Dragon Holdings, the company where Hon worked.

The Electronic Cigarette Association is the body that includes all private companies in trading of electronic cigarettes.

Hypnosis Denver – Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

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Electronic Cigarettes were first popularized as a safer way of nicotine intake. While Electronic Cigarette consumption is safer than having actual cigarettes filled with tobacco, they are not really a total safe option.

Read on to know about some of the main Electronic Cigarette dangers.

Diethylene Glycol

Electronic Cigarettes are found to contain an anti-freeze component known as Diethylene Glycol. It is toxic to humans and can cause health worries on inhalation. This is one of the major Electronic Cigarette side effects.


Other than Diethylene Glycol, e-cigarettes also contain cancer-causing compounds like nitrosamines. If the cigarette accidentally breaks, humans may be exposed to such harmful components.


E-cigarettes also consist of Tetramethylpyrazine. Prolonged exposure to Tetramethylpyrazine can result in brain damage in human beings.

Now you know the truth about e-cigarettes.

Did you know that nicotine is a natural pesticide?

It’s so toxic that bugs will not even eat it! It was used by the Native Americans as a cross crop to keep bugs out of their corn crops, it was the number one ingredient in pesticides for about a hundred years and the farmers in the 1800’s would spray tobacco water on their livestock, dogs and their kids head to kill lice! 

Does smoking relax you? Since nicotine is a poison and a toxin it is a stimulate. If your stressed out and you put a stimulate into your system is that going to relax you, probably not. 

If smoking was truly relaxing wouldn’t chain smokers be the most relaxed people that you’ve ever meet? But, their not they are all shaky and nervous and that’s do to them putting a poison into their body and their body is desperately trying to get rid of the poison and then that increases their heart rate and adrenaline levels, which creates stress and anxiety.  

You must address the root cause of your smoking habit and this is why I offer a Free screening because I tailor a hypnosis session for your unique smoking habit.

My unique hypnosis technique… makes it so easy that after only one hour you’ll leave my office a happy non-smoker – not feeling deprived, not feeling that you’ve made a sacrifice, and not feeling any pain.

The beauty of hypnosis… and the way I use hypnosis in particular, is that it removes this feeling of deprivation. It removes the need, and the desire, to smoke. You won’t need useless aids, gimmicks, machines or substitutes. 

Hypnosis Denver –  You Know Quitting By Yourself Does Not Work, Don’t You? 

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