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Stop Smoking Hypnosis Denver

Bad news for sons-in-law: women who quit smoking by age 50 can live up to a decade longer. Everyday more mother-in-laws saying “no” to cancer sticks, more son-in-laws are bummed out! 

HARFOLD, Vt. – Sunday, 28 October 2012

stop smoking hypnosis Denver

Harfold State College released this week a study which son-in-laws everywhere will have a hard time swallowing.

Women who quit smoking by the age of 50 dramatically cut risk of an early death, enjoying up to ten to fifteen more years of life.

Although it’s quite clear that no son-in-law would wish their wives’ moms ill, the prospect of putting up with their mother-in-law an extra 10 to 15 years sounds like a prolonged prison sentence to most.

Harfold State College Head Researcher, Richard Sage was asked… how this study affects those women who also have mother-in-laws who drive them up a wall, Richard Sage replied, “My mother loves her Richie, and if my Marge doesn’t like it, then she can get out.”

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