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Hypnotherapy Denver, here at Turning Point Hypnotherapy we want you to know that we can help you because… we’ve been helping people just like you for over 17 years. We’ve helped them erase their fears, phobias, stop smoking and gain control over their mindset using hypnotherapy.

We Offer An Absolutely FREE Screening to make sure hypnotherapy is a right fit for you. Here is a brief list of services which we can help you breakthrough and create the life you want.

Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy denver

Hypnotherapy Denver – Makes It Easy!

[Our unique hypnotherapy technique]… makes it so easy that after only one hour

you’ll leave our office a happy non-smoker – not feeling deprived, not feeling that

you’ve made a sacrifice and not feeling any pain. 

When smokers try to stop smoking with other methods… they suffer misery and depression caused by the feeling that they are being deprived of a pleasure or a crutch.

The Way We Use Hypnotherapy To Help You Stop Smoking!

The beauty of hypnotherapy… and the way we use hypnotherapy in particular, is that

it removes the feeling of deprivation.

It removes the need, and the desire, to smoke… you won’t need useless aids,

gimmicks, machines or substitutes.

If you’re ready to quit smoking we can help… because we’ve been helping people just

like you for the past 17 years to quit smoking… and we have a 95% success rate in only


For more information on our hypnotherapy click here.

We’re not the only one saying we can help you quit


we helped Vanessa from Denver to quit smoking with hypnotherapy for over 3-1/2 years!

We Offer a FREE Stop Smoking Screening…


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Anxiety and Stress Relief With Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy denver

When you experience excessive anxiety and stress, your health, your stamina, your ability to sleep may be affected. 

Sometimes It may feel that you are barely living your life.

There are many ways to manage stress.

The use of hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety has proven to be effective for many people.

 We will help you learn how to relax so that you reduce your stress and tension as well as anxiety. 

Not only will hypnotherapy help you relieve stress at any given moment, it can also help you eliminate or at least reduce the problems that are causing you stress, the root problem.

We all are faced with stress everyday that we try to deal with, but our problems with stress may stem from something else, things that have happened to us in the past that we have not dealt with or let go of.

These have an impact on us still and can affect issues that we face today.

Regardless of what our triggers are, it is our mind that tells our body how it will respond to those triggers.

If our mind interprets a situation as being stressful it will tell our body that we are in a stressful situation and our body will react accordingly. 

We will help you change the way your mind interprets situations.

This helps you stay relaxed and calm and allows you to stay in control during those times when you normally are feeling stressed.

Stress is created by your thoughts and anticipation of what your mind believes will happen next.

Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety helps your mind perceive situations differently, which will reduce stress and make you feel better, healthier, happier. 

We Offer a FREE Screening… Conveniently Located in The Denver Metro Area.


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Fears/Phobia Resolution With Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy denver

You Can Be FREE From Your Fear!

  • Fear of Flying   
  • Public Speaking
  • Claustrophobia   
  • Fear of Heights
  • Many More… 

There are probably very few of us that do not have any fears or phobias, even if it’s as simple as being a little fearful of spiders, or perhaps liking to sleep with a little light shining somewhere nearby as the dark is not comfortable.

Many such fears are manageable and the majority of us experience them at some point in our lives with little impact.

However, some people have fears of phobias that limit their opportunities in life… the person with a fear of flying may find being in a plane uncomfortable, however someone with a more serious fear, or phobia, of flying may completely avoid going on, or perhaps even seeing, an airplane.

Someone with a fear of open spaces may avoid large parks, fields and sports grounds, however someone with a more serious fear, or perhaps agoraphobia, may never leave their house.

No matter how long you’ve had your fear, you can lose it very quickly.

We’re not talking about weeks or months — We’re talking about hours.

Whether you’ve been suffering from a phobia your entire life, or experiencing anxiety only recently, you can learn to control your thoughts and change your feelings in just a few sessions of hypnotherapy.

According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have shown that people oftentimes have the same fear as their parents.

Phobias also manifest due to individual experiences.

Symptoms of phobias can range from mild to severe.

Many people experience anxiety, avoidance, feelings of powerlessness, sweating, and rapid heartbeat.

There are natural treatments available to help people overcome their fears, including… hypnotherapy.

A natural treatment that has been shown to help people overcome their fears is hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is an easy and quick method for releasing even deep-rooted fears.

Give us a call and set up a free screening to see if hypnotherapy is right for you.

We Offer a FREE Screening…


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Personal and Professional Development for Men

hypnotherapy denver

I guess the answer would be… “Awesome!”

We’ve developed a new unique program for men which shows them the secrets to mastering their emotions and living their life with greater sense confidence and certainty than ever before.

When they think in a new way, they get to do new things and they get to feel new things.

This powerful program helps them to develop new ways of thinking and designing their future.

It allows them to have freedom to live and the freedom to be happy.

Appreciating being a man and a mans worth means they have a positive attitude, believe in their strengths and abilities.

They know their strengths and weaknesses and are able to live happily on their terms.

The most important opinion in our lives is the one we have about ourselves.

You can learn to be happy with the unique and special person that you are. Limiting beliefs and negative thoughts are learned over time and with hypnosis you can unlearn these bad habits and be happy with yourself and who you are.

  • Do you want to be happier
  • Do you want to increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • Do you want to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones
  • Do you want to breakthrough the barriers that have been holding you back
  • Do you want to live a happier, healthier and more successful life

If you do give us a call for your free hypnotherapy screening and join a special group of men that are living life on their terms.

We Offer a FREE Screening to see if Hypnotherapy is right for you…


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Hypnotherapy Denver – We Make It Easy!

Turning Point Hypnotherapy Denver makes it easy… let us make it easy for you… all

you have to do is pick up the phone… 

make an appointment for your FREE hypnotherapy screening and keep that appointment.

From that moment on… your problem is solved.