Smoking and increased infection rates after surgery.

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Smoking and increased infection rates after surgery.

I get a lot of clients that have to quit smoking due to an upcoming surgery because there are a lot of surgeons that will not do a surgery if someone is a smoker and here is the reason why:

From the article “Association Between Smoking Status, Preoperative Exhaled Carbon Monoxide Levels, and Postoperative Surgical Site Infection in Patients Undergoing Elective Surgery,” by Nolan and colleagues,1 in this issue of JAMA Surgery, comes a powerful message: among smokers, smoking on the day of elective surgery is associated with an increased rate of surgical site infection (SSI).

Another study, which was published in the Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, looked at the records of 528 stoma reversal patients from the 2006 to 2011 American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program database

Of these patients, 6.8 percent developed a surgical site infection during the wound healing process. Of all the factors evaluated to be associated with such wound infections, smoking was the only one that showed a significant link – smoking increased the risk of stoma reversal surgical site infections by more than twofold.

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Researchers have also found…

that those who experienced surgical site infections had increased lengths of stay and higher rates of 30-day morbidity.

Additionally, they were more likely to develop sepsis and had to return to the operating room for further procedures that patients without wound infections. With such extreme consequences, the researchers concluded that smoking cessation should be an integral part of any wound care plan.

Smoking has a transient effect on the tissue microenvironment and a prolonged effect on inflammatory and reparative cell functions leading to delayed healing and complications.

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