Hypnotherapy Denver

Hypnotherapy Denver

Turning Point Hypnotherapy makes is the number One Stop Smoking Center in Denver and we know how to help you quit smoking. 

We are one among only a few Stop Smoking Centers in Denver and the country that gives a personal Lifetime Guarantee with our hypnotherapy services.

3 Tips To Know Before You Quit Smoking

Here are a few tips that I’ve found helpful for people that are getting ready to quit smoking.

1. Know why you want to quit smoking – You want to quit smoking… but do you know why?

I ask all my clients this… “Why do you want to quit smoking?” and the common answer is… “Because it’s bad for my health!”  #boring and lame. 

Why is that answer boring and lame… because it’s a “general statement.”

To get motivated, you need a powerful and a [specific reason] to quit smoking because your unconscious or subconscious mind loves a goal that’s specific.

Let’s distill down that statement so it’s more motivational…

Take a moment and think… “What will being healthy in the future give me?”

Be sure to be specific…

Here’s an example…”I want to be healthy so I can see my daughter get married or I want to be healthy so I can enjoy my retirement.”

See, once you say it that way, it becomes more motivational than “I want to quit smoking for my health.” 

Take a moment and find your [specific reason] “why you want to quit smoking.”

Remember, your unconscious or subconscious mind loves goals that are specific.

2. Once you quit smoking, keep your smoking habit in place – this is one of the things that I see when people struggle with quitting smoking… they stop going outside to relax.

Here’s what I tell all of my clients during their session with me when they quit smoking… “Keep the habit of smoking in place but without the cigarette.”

This is what I mean… an average pack a day smoker, will smoker every hour to an hour and half.

Most of that time is spent outside taking a break from whatever is going on in their life or work. 

When most smokers quit… they stop going outside to take a break and their unconscious does not like that because it’s in the “habit” of having those break. 

Think about it this way… even though smoking is a negative habit; you smoke for positive reasons… “To take a break from life or work.”

This is very important… if you have a set time when you smoke, when you quit still go outside and have that break but without a cigarette. 

3. Still be around your friends that smoke – I was a pack a day smoker for 10 years and smoking is very social.

I know that smoking has gotten less social from when I was smoking but most smokers have a co-worker, family member or friend that smokes.

One of the biggest fears of most smokers when they quit is they are afraid to be around other smokers and it may “trigger” them to start smoking again. 

With my stop smoking program you can still be around your friends that smoke, I encourage it and you won’t be “triggered” to smoke again. 

Plus, why would you quit smoking and lose your friends? 

Go, outside with your smoking buddy, have your break and enjoy being a non-smoker. 

You can quit smoking… I know you can because I’ve been helping people just like you to quit smoking for over 17 years.

Use these 3 Tips when you quit and it’ll make it dramatically easier. 


Levi Has Been Smoke Free For 3 Years…

Have You Smoked Enough…


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We have even more… smokers which quit smoking without any suffering or weight gain

“I feel like a new person…”

“I came to Bryan’s office not knowing what to expect.

Not knowing if it would work but as soon as Bryan started talking I knew it would work!

I never want to see another cigarette again!

I feel like a new person and I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of my new long life.”

Cecil A. - Denver, CO

“It was so easy to quit with Bryan…”

“It was so easy for me to quit smoking with Turning Point, I almost feel guilty because I have seen how difficult it can be to quit smoking.

It is so easy to quit with Bryan’s hypnotherapy it is amazing!

My husband still smokes and it does not bother me at all.

This has changed the way I feel about myself and smoking for the rest of my life and I am telling everyone that I know about this because it works!”

Donna S. - Littleton, CO

“It’s been over 7 months since I quit…”

“It was so easy to quit smoking with hypnotherapy.

It has been over seven months after my treatment and I still have no desire for a cigarette! “

Tom W. - Casper, WY

“My smoking habit is gone forever…”

“It has been over three months since I had my hypnotherapy treatment and I feel wonderful.

I am so happy that my smoking habit is gone forever and I don’t ever think about smoking!”

Jasmine W. - Littleton, CO

We Offer a Lifetime Guarantee

We have so much confidence in our unique method… that after years in practice we are still

the only one of the few hypnotherapist in Denver and the country that can offer a real lifetime guarantee.

This means that if you ever start smoking again… whether it is two days or two years

down the road… all you have to do is give us a call and you will come back in back in at – no extra charge.

 303 929-2960 

We Make It Easy!

Turning Point Hypnotherapy Denver makes it easy… let us make it easy for you… all you have to do is pick up the phone…

make an appointment for your FREE stop smoking screening and keep that appointment.

From that moment on… your smoking problem is solved.

We hope these Turning Point Hypnotherapy tips were helpful to you and we look forward to meeting you at your screening.

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