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 Destroy unhealthy eating patterns and poor exercise habits where they start… your mindset.

Our hypnosis weight loss program is NOT about strict diets… it’s about reconditioning or upgrading your mindset to get lasting results and achieve life-long health and energy.

Our hypnosis weight loss program will show you how to change your relationship with food and exercise for life.

No longer will you have to count calories, go on starvation diets and endure long and grueling exercise.

Our hypnosis program is designed to give you control over your decision making, actions and the temptations and break the cravings that lead to weight loss failure.

You will learn how to take control over emotional eating, how to increase your confidence and increase your motivation on command.

You will learn how to identify and eliminate the negative behaviors that causes the weight loss roadblocks that may have been holding you back in the past.


 hypnosis weight loss Denver

Eliminate your urge to overeat or eat the wrong foods and make healthier choices!

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Why Hypnosis Helps People Get Thinner

Most problems with weight gain stem from… the emotional and old outdated programming from the past. Your powerful, unconscious mind, the part of your mind that controls 90% of what you do, is in charge of these habits.

 hypnosis weight loss Denver

It doesn’t matter – if your habits are bad for your health or making you miserable and frustrated.

Your Unconscious Mind will continue to run these “old and outdated programs” unless they’re changed or updated.

This is why willpower or programs based on counting calories have a very low success rate!

To be effective at losing weight, reducing stress, increasing energy and feeling great about yourself… you must update your unconscious programming and hypnosis is the fastest and most direct way of doing this!

Hypnosis is relaxing, safe, effective, and you can experience the results you’ve been desperately seeking!

I’ve already lost 23 Lbs, I feel great, motivated and totally positive!

“I’ve been coming to Turning Point for 5 short weeks and I’ve already lost 23 lbs. I feel great, motivated and totally positive! I love hypnosis and recommend it to everyone that’s struggling and tired of the up & down with weight loss. This is the best investment I’ve ever made!”

Doris H. – Arvada, CO

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As you move through your hypnosis weight loss program you will begin to see and feel...


a remarkable difference in your physical and mental well-being as your body sheds off those unwanted pounds. 


Here’s a brief break down of our program and what our clients experience when they use our program…


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1. Customized Hypnosis Weight Loss Sessions… a key part of our clients hypnosis session is addressing their individual habits, history, personality and adresssing the road blocks that has been holding them back.

Gaining freedom… our method combined with a customized hypnosis sessions…. which fills our clients mind with positive thoughts and helps them to gain freedom from the old eating patterns of the past.

Being more important than junkfood… a key part of our program is to help our clients understand at the conscious and unconscious level… they’re more important than overeating and eating junkfood. Once they understand that on all levels then… shedding those extra pounds is easy.

Be stress free… from our experience…many people over eat due to stress. This is why we give our clients new stress management tools that works faster and feels better than over eating ever did!


 hypnosis weight loss Denver
 hypnosis weight loss Denver

2. Increasing Your Motivation and Your Happiness… when losing weight many people feel like they are “losing something”… these are old, outdated, negative, emotional beliefs and behaviors which are… not in-line with the new updated vision and future you have of yourself.

As part of your weight loss program… we will give you a series of hypnotic weight loss MP3 audios to listen to every night while you sleep.

These MP3 Audios are designed… to break any old and negative behaviors that have been holding you back… break through your old beliefs at your unconscious or subconscious level… and finally create the the lasting change you desire…. allowing the new and updated version of you to shine through.

Infuses your mind… with positive and motivational thoughts… which will increases your motivation, happiness and forges your weight loss success!

I’ve  Lost 12 Lbs and this has been the best month I’ve had in a very long time!

“In the last month I have lost 12 lbs, I have learned to have more confidence in myself and I’ve been able to do what I know in my heart is best for me and my children. This has been the best month I’ve had in a very long time.”

Jean L. – Littleton, CO

Learn How to Take charge of Your Mind, Body & Emotions!

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 Hypnosis Weight Loss Denver

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(Legal Disclaimer – There is no guarantee, you will stop smoking or lose weight with our programs and your results may vary.)