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Turning Point Hypnosis Center Denver can help you quit vaping because...

we've been helping people just like you quit vaping for over 18 years!

Hypnosis Makes Quitting Vaping Easy!

[Our unique hypnosis technique]… makes it so easy to quit vaping that after only one hour… you’ll leave our office a happy non-smoker.  Not feeling deprived, not feeling that you’ve made a sacrifice and not feeling any discomfort after your quit vaping session with us.

We’ve been helping people for over 17 years to quit smoking and our unique program works for E-cigarettes and Vaping too.

We are of only a few people in Denver and the country that offers a unique Lifetime Guarantee with our quit vaping services. 

95% Succeed With The Method We Use!

(Source: Smoking Cessation and Hypnosis a Comparative Review)

Quit Vaping Denver

Literally, more than 95% of people stop in one hour with our hypnosis. 

And we offer the same Lifetime Guarantee for people who are ready to quit smoking E-cigarettes/Vaping.

We Offer A FREE Hypnosis Consultation to make sure hypnosis is a right fit for you.

As you know… vaping related illnesses and deaths are on the rise… unfortunately this is probably just the beginning of the serious health affects which will be associated with vaping and e-cigarettes. 

We’ve seen a big influx of people just like you, coming in to our office to help them quit vaping and we can help you quit smoking E-cigarettes/Vaping too!

Because… we will customize a powerful quit vaping session to address your unique vaping habit and individual cravings.

The beauty of hypnosis… and the way we use hypnosis… is it removes the feeling of deprivation.

It removes the need and the desire to vape. 


Many people… started smoking e-cigarettes/vaping because it might have not seemed to be a big deal, it might have seemed cleaner, not as stinky, more accepted than smoking cigarettes.

But after helping many people just like you to quit e-cigarettes/vaping we’ve found…

vapers hit or drag on the e-cigarettes maybe 100’s if not 1,000’s of times more a day than a cigarette smoker.

This increased hitting on the vape can create a bigger habit of vaping vs. the habit of smoking cigarettes.

This increased habit can make it even harder for someone who vapes to quit than a regular cigarette smoker. 



Quit Vaping Denver

This is why many people who vape… need a customized and proven program to help them quit vaping.


Be Craving Free… the biggest fear that most smokers have when they quit vaping is experiencing their “horrible cravings” when they quit vaping.

The Feeling of Control… with our quit vaping program, we show our clients how to take control of their cravings… so they can break free from vaping once and for all.

The Feeling of Confidence… after our clients have their quit vaping session they can be around other vapers and it won’t bother them at all.

Gaining Freedom… with our proven method and a customized hypnosis seesion… which fill our clients mind with psoitive thoughts and helps them to break free from vaping, once and for all!

Quit Vaping Denver

Become More Important Than Vaping… a key part of our quit vaping program, is to help our clients understand at the conscious and unconscious level… they’re more important than vaping. Once you understnad that on all levels… quitting vaping is so easy!

For more information about our quit vaping hypnosis checkout our FAQ Page.

We understand that e-cigarettes/vaping has become an epidemic with teenagers today and we offer our program to minors with a parental consent.

Plus… we give a special 15% discount to minors because we want to help our future generation to be healthy non-smokers!


Quit Vaping Denver

We Offer a Lifetime Guarantee


We have so much confidence in our unique method… that after years in practice we are still

the only one of the few hypnotists in Denver and the country that can offer a real

lifetime guarantee.


This means that if you ever start vaping again… whether it is two days or two years

down the road… all you have to do is give us a call and you will come back in back in at –

no extra charge.


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We Make It Easy!

Turning Point Hypnosis Denver makes it easy… let us make it easy for you… all you have to do is pick up the phone…

make an appointment for your No Charge quit vaping consultation and keep that appointment.

From that moment on… your vaping problem is solved.

(Legal Disclaimer – There is no guarantee, you will quit vaping with our program and your results may vary.)