Smoking and Anxiety

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Hypnosis Smoking and Anxiety

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Smokers use cigarettes for many reasons, but many report that they smoke to relieve anxiety, despite the health danger of cigarette smoking.

I have repeatedly seen this with the majority of my clients in my smoking cessation clinic. They have reported the main reason for their smoking habit is for stress management reasons.

“The belief that smoking is stress relieving is common, but almost certainly wrong. The reverse is true: smoking probably causes anxiety and smokers deserve to know this and understand how their own experience may be misleading,” said researchers. Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute.

Cigarettes may appear to have a temporary calming effect and many smokers believe it relieves their nicotine withdrawal symptoms. A study found that regular smokers who quit smoking for more than two weeks had lower anxiety levels than when they were smoking regularly.

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Hypnosis and My Experience

I personally feel the relaxation that many smokers experience while smoking may be due to the perception or  association that the cigarette or the chemicals is the component that is relaxing the person.

After working with smokers one-on-one for many years, I believe this is a may not be the case. I have found the total smoking experience or pattern is what is relaxing to the smoker, not just the cigarette.

You need to look at the smoker from a whole perspective, if you just focus on the cigarette you are looking at only one piece of the puzzle. You must also look at how the smoker benefits from smoking, what are they gaining by smoking at the unconscious level and how have they managed their stress or anxiety in the past.

Hypnosis in Denver – The Typical Smoker

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Let me give you an example of a typical smoker and their smoking pattern or experience.

  1. The smoker encounters a stressful situation in the work place or the home.
  2. The smoker experiences a stressful or anxious feeling in their body.
  3. The smoker then unconsciously recalls what actions they have taken in the past to handle the anxious feeling in their body. (Smoke)
  4. The smoker then will take action to relieve the anxious feeling. They will go outside and take a smoke break or “escape” the stressful environment.
  5. The smoker will light up outside and then associates the feeling of relaxing with the cigarette.

I have noticed that a smoker will experience the same sense of relaxation as smoking, if they simply take the same unconscious action by going on a smoke break and do some deep breathing instead of smoking.

Hypnosis and Escaping The Stress

Escaping the stressful environment and the unconscious association of “when I go outside to smoke, I will feel relaxed” are key factors in the relaxation pattern or experience of smoking.

From my experience as an ex-smoker and treating smokers for years, there is more to helping someone quit smoking other than just trying to help someone break the nicotine addiction. If it was simply breaking the nicotine addiction the nicotine patch would work 100% of the time and it does not.

This is why with my smoking cessation treatments; I look at the smoker as a whole person, how they experience and deal with stress, what do they gain from smoking and what it is like to experience their craving. I also give my clients a new stress management tool, which works much faster and feels better than smoking ever did.

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